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2008-11-08 03:47:22 by Tolneir

...Quit looking at me like that! :C I'll work on it!


2008-10-25 01:24:36 by Tolneir

Urgh. I haven't been able to animate all week, because the person voicing the main character was too lazy to record their lines. So... I'm taking the part for myself. We have somewhat similar voices, so I'm not going to bother re-voicing what he's already done. Anyways, that means that my second flash is back on the schedule again. #1 out of 6 mini episodes have been completed for it. Below is a preview of #1:


Second Animation in the works

2008-10-19 03:04:24 by Tolneir

So with what I've learned from my first animation, I've begun working on a second. While I won't reveal much about the story, this will be the first in a series of episodic flashes. This first one will have a total of six short animations on it. below is a preview:

Second Animation in the works

Wii Fit Survey Updates

2008-10-17 00:24:01 by Tolneir

So after working at it for a while, I figured out how to put in that darn replay button onto Wii Fit Survey. Also, I added a bit to the preloader and fixed up the synching a bit. Check it out... again!

FLASH (pt. 2)

2008-10-14 17:54:59 by Tolneir

I just got home from school today, and there it was, sitting on my porch. Flash. Although, I can't install it yet. I have to wait until my Dad isn't busy to do so, so in 2 hours. I can't wait to start animating! If possible, I'll try to put something up tonight.


2008-10-13 00:04:39 by Tolneir

Flash shipped early Friday morning. It should be here by Friday. EXCITEMENT! :D


2008-09-28 18:02:15 by Tolneir

I'm currently saving up money for FLASH! I'm 123 dollars short at the moment, but when I get flash... I'll make alot of animations.... and they'll be awesome! You'll see! You'll ALLLLL see!